3 Reasons to Unplug

Posted on Mar 5, 2013 in Health and Wellness

3 Reasons to Unplug

For many, it is literally impossible to spend an entire day off the grid. Today, cellphones are our constant companion and more distracting than ever. Twitter accounts, email alerts, text messages and actual conversations are now located in one place, which conveniently fits in most pockets. Cellphones are just the beginning. The modern American spends majority of their day staring at a screen. Technology is used both at work to be productive and at home to relax. Pixilated screens accompany us everywhere in the form of computers and televisions.

Technology’s ultimate purpose is to make our lives more convenient, allowing people to communicate and be up-to-date faster than ever. However, there have proven to be some unforeseen side-effects to this faster paced way-of-life.


Instant ADD

Believe it or not, all this technology is breeding a different kind of human-being. Instant messaging and instant information is creating a reliance on instant gratification. For individuals who struggle to stay focused on long-term projects, this instant effect fits naturally into their routine. Others find themselves actually being less productive and unable to focus on their work.


Instant Stress

Technology not only affects our productivity at work, but also affects our overall health. Studies have proven that technology increases stress and decreases sleep. Just like in actual face-to-face conversations, individuals stress over not having their emails returned or their tweets liked.


Instant Insomnia

There is an indirect line between computers and obesity. Sleep deprivation tends to cause weight gain and computers are to blame many lost hours of sleep. The blue light they emit tricks brains into thinking it is time to be alert and productive. Computers are just the beginning. Many hours are also lost in anticipation of a text or phone call.


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