Top 5 Secrets About Personal Trainers

There are many benefits to becoming a personal trainer, the most common ones go something like this:

  •            Can create a flexible work schedule
  •            Get to be your own boss (sometimes)
  •            Stay in great shape
  •            Help other people.

There are many more advantages to becoming a personal trainer so here is a little different look at how becoming a personal trainer can truly benefit a person overall.


Personal trainers help people feel good about themselves. 

While a first glance this may not seem so important, it can actually be key to a personal trainer’s overall personal happiness.  A personal trainer spends their time helping others.  What better feeling at the end of the day can there be than know you made a difference in the people whose lives you’ve touched?  A personal trainer has the opportunity to really influence the people they work with, get them excited about being fit and looking better, improving the overall quality of their lives.  This can be very fulfilling for the trainer and make them look forward to the next day.  Rather than stressing out about having to go to work, a trainer who embraces this opportunity will be ready for the next day hoping to make it even better than the previous.


Personal trainers can create their own working environment.

Since the opportunities are broad for a personal trainer, one can basically create their ideal working environment.  If a trainer prefers a more traditional schedule, then they can enter the worlds of healthcare or corporate training where there is a more structured work schedule.  On the other hand, if a personal trainer prefers the freedom of being an entrepreneur, they can basically create their own perfect working conditions.  They can focus on the types of clients that need the training they love to do most.  If a trainer really loves the weights, then focus on building clients in the  weight-training area.  If classes are what a trainer really likes to do, then specialize in aerobics, yoga, pilates or any of the myriad of other fitness classes that are so popular.  There are also opportunity to created working environments outside the gym in places like parks and  the beach.  Basically a personal trainer has the opportunity to create the schedule and the curriculum that will be the most fulfilling for them.


Personal Training is relatively easy to get started in can have the potential for a very good income.

While a formal education may benefit a personal trainer, especially for the ones who want to get into some type of management, getting started mostly requires getting the certifications, which are not that time consuming.  Plus a trainer can continue to expand certifications and education once getting started, it doesn’t have to be done all up front.  A trainer can start looking for employments and clients once they have their first certification.  Then as they determine what areas they are most interested in or what area are the most marketable, they can continue to expand and grow, while they are already earning in the field.  Trainers can earn up to $40 an hour which is a pretty good salary for not requiring a degree.


Personal trainers learn a lot about people.

Since personal training is a very people oriented career choice, personal trainers become experts at reading people, learning what motivates them and teaching them how to achieve goals.  This is a personality skill that will benefit the trainer not just in their careers but in their lives.   The personal trainer who really connect with their clients will find themselves able to easier connect with people in other parts of their lives as well.  The exposure to so many different types of people and personalities will allow trainers to develop people skills to handle just about any situation that arises.


Personal trainers get to share their passion with others.

Since most personal trainers have a passion for physical fitness, they get to spend their working hours sharing that passion with others.  That is a rare career opportunity these days.  A trainer is responsible for teaching an educating their clients on physical fitness.  Simply saying “do it this way” won’t be enough, a good trainer needs to explain the why’s to their clients so they understand the importance of doing everything correctly.  A trainer will find that clients who are learning and growing as they exercise are going to be appreciative and want to come back for more.  And they will give great referrals.  All this can be achieved simply by a trainer sharing the passion for being physically fit with their clients.


So becoming a personal trainer can really lead to an overall great quality of life, as well as career doing something one loves and earning a good living while doing it.

Those who are interested in learning more about becoming a personal trainer should start here!