Dangers of an Unskilled Therapist

In the massage business, “cold calling” is a term used for stepping outside an individual’s comfort zone. It happens to even the most careful therapists. However, massage therapist should be constantly aware an accidental cold call could happen at any moment during a session. The scary thing is that some of them forget.


Wearing a Blindfold

It is dangerously tempting and easy to go into a session with preset expectations, especially with repeat customers. The history and experience are there. Massage therapists can easily use them to prepare for a session. They can begin and continue with a routine that has proven itself repeatedly in the past. This is the defining difference between a good massage therapist a bad one.

A good massage therapist knows better. Humans are unpredictable. Using charts and files as a reference point makes it easy to forget patients are human.  Their needs and mood will vary with every session. Forgetting this is a good way to carry out a session while wearing a blindfold. Expectations will blind a massage therapist to the facts in front them. They are often to blame for a misinterpreted signal of discomfort or an overlooked area of trouble.


Disrupting a Session

Massage therapists can assume nothing. They can never assume a person is ok with a certain stroke or pressure. They must be perceptive to negative and positive responses. Being a therapist comes with certain responsibilities. This includes knowing how to interpret a bad reaction. Tense and uncomfortable patients are never easy to work with. They are also not likely to return.

Bad reactions are commonly triggered by a disruption or crossing a boundary. Tickling is a common way of interrupting the flow of a session. As a disruption, tickling can cause a session to lose its momentum. A patient’s muscles may become tense. Worse, their overall mood may change. Massage sessions are meant to bring healing and comfort to suffering bodies. Disrupting the flow of one is a good way to undo a massage’s intended affect.


Crossing a Boundary

Between the two, a disruption is much better interruption to deal with than crossing a boundary. Once a boundary is crossed, the flow and comfort level of a session may be disrupted beyond repair. As with a disruption, the patient may become tense and noticeably more uncomfortable. However, the patient may also be trapped in their head with a bad memory.

A misplaced finger or familiar stroke is all it takes to bring the past back to life. Sexual and physical abuses are famous for the triggers they leave behind. These triggers vary from patient to patient, but they all carry the same disabling affect. One massage therapists must constantly be vigilant to recognize.

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