Average Day of a Massage Therapist (Part 2)

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Outside the Office

It is a massage therapist’s job to make someone feel comfortable, tearing down walls of embarrassment and insecurity. Sessions are meant to make people realize what hurts and make it go away. It is no wonder that many patients fall in love with their therapist. Boundaries become confused and massage therapists are often victims of unrequited affection.


The average person is so uncomfortable on a daily basis. Funny thing is most people do not realize just how much they are suffering until it goes away. Everyday aches and pains are dismissed for so long that they fade away, becoming part of everyday life. They now go unnoticed altogether until brought to attention. Massage therapists not only call them to attention, they make them go away.

Massage therapists make patients feel good from the inside out. Patients feel cared for. No one likes to feel like a number.  Therapists take great pains to ensure that patients feel unique and accepted. Sessions should be personal to an extent. However, there is always a line to be drawn. Professional boundaries exist to maintain an appropriate balance. These boundaries define where lines of friendship and intimacy join and separate.

Knowing their own boundaries is a great asset to massage therapists. It helps them be aware of when to say no. There is a line between intimacy and friendship. Another line exists between showing favoritism and having drinks. A massage therapist never accepts gifts blindly. They must be constantly aware of the other person’s motivations and intentions.


A Personal Touch

To be good to someone else, someone must first be good to themselves. It is impossible to make someone feel cared for and comfortable without knowing how to do the same for oneself.  After all, no one can practice something they do not understand. This is why being a massage therapist comes with more self-reward than other occupations.


The interpersonal aspects of the job often go overlooked at first. With time, massage therapists realize how staying healthy and relaxed is essential to what they do. Nutrition, hygiene and punctuality all play their part during a session.

Weak and shaky hands do not instill confidence. Worse, they do not give a good massage. Massage therapists must be reliable in their capabilities. To be physically reliable, they must have a regular and complete diet. The physical appearance of a massage therapist also has a part to play. The appearance of someone with shaggy hair, oily skin and stained teeth is very unlikely to instill anyone with confidence, much less put them at ease.

Massage therapists must be physically reliable in action and in appearance. They must also be emotionally reliable. Making someone feel cared for is difficult work. Doing it agitated or rushed is nearly impossible. It is essential that massage therapists understand the value of their time. Scheduling breaks before and after sessions helps keep time from getting ahead of them. It acts as a scheduled time to relax and alleviates the anxiety of being punctual.

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