Massage Therapist

Massage therapist offers an unsuspected award to the people who practice it. It is one of the few professions that offer interpersonal rewards, such as being more self-aware of one’s appearance and capabilities. However, just as with any profession, massage therapy can become monotonous. If not careful, therapists can lose their attentiveness, which keeps them from doing more harm than good.

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Touching with Purpose & Intent: Massage therapists prove knowledge is power. Their education is what separates them from the massaging chairs found at department stores and nail salons.

Dangers of an Unskilled Therapist: In the massage business, “cold calling” is a term used for stepping outside an individual’s comfort zone. It happens to even the most careful therapists.

Average Day of a Massage Therapist (Part 1): Massage therapists work in possibly the most unique and interesting career available. Students graduating from massage therapy classes are never the same as before taking them.

Average Day of a Massage Therapist (Part 2): It is a massage therapist’s job to make someone feel comfortable, tearing down walls of embarrassment and insecurity. Sessions are meant to make people realize what hurts and make it go away.