3 Tricks to Defend Skin from Winter Wind

Posted on Feb 20, 2013 in Health and Wellness

3 Tricks to Defend Skin from Winter Wind

Summer heat is infamous for drying out everyone’s skin, so is winter wind. Both can cause skin to crack and flake. During the warmest part of summer it is paramount to cover-up and protect your skin from the sun’s hurtful rays. Winter wind might not cause cancer. However, the irritation and itching it leaves behind is enough to make someone wonder. During the winter months, skin is at its highest risk for dryness. Summer months shroud bodies in a layer of humidity, which helps protect skin’s natural moisture.

Winter weather does no such thing. Worse, the harmful effects cannot even be escaped indoors. Heating one’s house warms you up. It is a necessary seasonal attachment. However, running the heat does a lot more damage than the air conditioner. In the process of keeping your warm, heat sucks skin dry. It adds to the damage caused by being outdoors and puts skin more at risk. Drinking water is a simple solution. Ironically, the dead of summer and the heart of winter are when drinking water is most necessary to anyone’s health.


1. Thicken Up

Everybody loves a thin lotion that does its job and disappears quickly. However, winter months are the perfect time to experiment with thicker lotions or creams. Creams actually help seal in skin’s moisture and protect it from being drained away.


2. Go Natural

You’re not going to be doing much sweating in weather like this. The winter winds and dry heat will steal it away from you. These being true, try leaving perfumes in the bottle. Anything containing trace amounts of alcohol damages and dries out skin. During the winter months, the last thing anyone needs is another moisture thief.


3. Conserve Water

Cut your shower time. The nice humid temperatures of a long hot shower may seem like your escape from the elements. Unfortunately, the fact is you’ve been deceived. The fleeting moments of relief it provides are followed by detrimental effects. Showers, especially hot ones, are notorious for stripping skin of natural oils. After all, cleansing is the reason we take showers.


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