Burn Game Day Calories

Posted on Feb 4, 2013 in Health and Wellness

Burn Game Day Calories

It’s considered un-American to not sit down in front of the TV on Super Bowl Sunday. The NFL event has become just as popular as Thanksgiving. Family and friends come together over beer and junk-food to celebrate the American tradition of football and friendly competition.

Next to being on the winning side, there’s nothing people love more than Super Bowl Sunday food. People, literally, spend all day cooking. However, there’s no turkey in oven. People slave away, making dips and snacks for easy finger-food and that go great with beer. Just like at Thanksgiving, chefs do get offended if what they’ve made doesn’t become a house favorite.

Buffalo chicken dip, hotdog mummies, homemade salsa and chips, a Super Bowl Sunday spread has a large variety to offer, excluding vegetables. The average person consumes 1,200 calories during the big game.

Chips and beer are the largest contributors. Eleven-hundred-million gallons of beer are estimated to be drunk during the big game. Something has to wash down the 19.4 million pounds of chips being eaten. Wings, pizza and pretzels are the next most popular Super Bowl dishes. Billions of chicken wings are consumed, replacing the Thanksgiving turkey.

Ironically, playing a two-hour game of football is usually enough to burn off the game day pounds. A two-hour jog outdoors or on an elliptical will also do the trick. Other options include swimming and cycling for just over two-hours.

Spending three-hours on the slopes and hiking are also good options for burning off some extra calories. Longer alternatives that still get the job done include spending seven hours on a yoga mat or practicing Pilates.

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